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2023 Year in Review

Women's Rights Network Australia launched in 2023, and it has been a MASSIVE year full of activity. Australian women are finding one another, working collaboratively and displaying amazing solidarity to work together for our sex-based rights.

This post reviews some of the highlights of 2023, and showcases our collective achievements.


Started welcoming new members on 28th April 2023

May & June

  • We spent a lot of time in May and June onboarding new members getting to know each other, drafting leaflets, writing a few submissions and gearing up for campaigns.



  • Launched "Respect Our Sex" website dedicated to the campaign against the so-called NSW "Equality Bill"

  • Launched a Respect Our Sex billboard in Sydney, which received attention in the Sydney Morning Herald

  • The Fair Sport for Women campaign also launched a billboard in Sydney and in Melbourne



  • Launched our new website! Visit

  • Made a submission to Victorian Parliamentary Legal and Social Issues Committee ‘Inquiry into the state education system in Victoria’

  • Participated in #ChalkAboutIt - a global day of action for women's sex-based rights

  • We launched in What is a Witch for Halloween, connecting witch-hunts of yore with modern-day witch-hunts against feminists



Thank you!

A big THANK YOU to Heater Binning and Women's Rights Network in the UK for your support in helping us get off the ground this year.

Thanks to all our silent supporters! Thank you to the women who made a connection.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of our hardworking members and supporters!

Thanks to the women who designed and printed leaflets, organised billboards, wrote to MPs, prepared submissions, stood on street corners, made badges and bags, collated research, stood up and spoke out, and raised the issue of our sex-based rights in Australia.

2024 is our year!

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