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Our Mission

We are a non-partisan network of women across Australia who organise to promote and protect our sex-based rights.


Our mission is to ensure that every woman in Australia has equal opportunities and protections, regardless of her race, religion, sexuality or any other characteristic.


We work tirelessly to raise awareness about women's rights and to advocate for policies that promote sex-based equality and women's empowerment.

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We are member-driven and values-led.


Women's Rights Network Australia is guided by 8 core values: Respect, Solidarity, Evidence, Clarity of Meaning, Reality of Biology, Individual Freedom, Non-partisan, Any Religion. 

Our History

Women's Rights Network Australia is an independent sister organisation to Women's Rights Network, founded in the UK by Heather Binning in July 2021. 

Women's Rights Network Australia welcomed our first members on 28 April 2023. 

Join Us

Connect and work with like-minded women across Australia to promote our sex-based rights 

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