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Women's Rights Network Australia advocates for the rights of women and girls in Australia through participation in the democratic political process. We make submissions to inquiries. This gives us an opportunity to out forward our views in detail when laws and policies are being decided. 

We publish our submissions once they have been accepted by the inquiry committee.

14 April 2024

NSW Parliament

Inquiry by the Committee of NSW Services of the NSW Parliament into Equality Legislation Amendment (LGBTIQA+) Bill 2023

The Women’s Rights Network OPPOSES the Bill in its entirety. The bill, if passed, will have serious consequences for women, gay and lesbian people, and children. It will have consequences for the accurate collection of data, making it impossible to track sex-based discrimination, inequality, and even crime. This closed door process for considering the bill also risks undermining its ultimate reception within the community.

23 February 2024

SA Parliament

Inquiry into the potential for a Human Rights Act for South Australia by the Social Development Committee Parliament of South Australia

We are enthusiastic about the prospect of an open, constructive, and respectful discussion of human rights in South Australia. We believe that a well-considered human rights act could greatly improve protections for South Australian women, girls, and LGB people as well as young people who identify as transgender or gender-diverse. We also assess there is much that can be achieved to address gaps in our human protections even in advance of a possible human rights act.

South Australians hold a well-deserved pride in our history of pioneering progressive social reforms. As the first state to grant women the right to vote and the first to decriminalise homosexuality, South Australia has set a strong precedent for positive change. We hope this legacy can inspire progressive reforms to guarantee these protections and equal opportunities for all.

13 October 2023

Victorian Parliament

Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Legal and Social Issues Committee ‘Inquiry into the state education system in Victoria’

The Committee will investigate the Victorian education system across government schools. The inquiry will look at trends in student learning outcomes, disparities associated with geography and socio-economic disadvantage; the state of the teaching profession, including the administrative burden on teachers; and student well being, including measures to address poor mental health, school refusal and student disengagement. The Committee will consider best practice models and educational settings used to improve student learning outcomes and wellbeing.

25 August 2023

Federal Parliament

Probity and Ethics in the Public Sector

Collaborative submission to Joint Committee on Public Accounts and Audit inquiry into probity and ethics in the Australian Public Sector. 

Our purpose in making this submission is to raise our concerns that the Department of Health and Aged Care (DOHAC) has compromised its capacity to administer certain grants

and provide impartial advice to the Government on specific issues as a result of its participation in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI).

1 August 2023


Submission in support of Lesbian Action Group

The Lesbian Action Group applied to the Australian Human Rights Commission to hold a lesbian-only event.

1 July 2023

Federal Parliament

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights on the scope and effectiveness of Australia's Human Rights Framework

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into an Australian Human Rights Act. The report was tabled in May 2024, and is available here

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