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Our Campaigns

Women's Rights Network Australia are a member-driven organisation. Our campaigns originate with member suggestions and are brought to life by women working together.  Check out our publications and resources.


July-November 2023

Respect Our Sex in NSW

Join the fight against sex self-ID in NSW.

Visit our campaign website: Respect Our Sex

The Respect Our Sex campaign is focused around proposed Sex Self-ID and conversion practices legislation in NSW. WRNA are raising awareness with the general public and with politicians. 

“We know young people who experience gender identity issues do often grow up to be happy and healthy gay adults”  - WRNA Co-founder Kit Kowalski, quoted in Sydney Morning Herald on 11 August 2023:

July-August 2023

Fair Sport for Australian Women

Did you know that, according to our research, every sporting body in Australia allows natal males to compete against natal females as if they were actually female? Yes! AFL, Rugby Australia, Football Australia, AWF and so many more all allow men to compete as/against women. This is happening on the community and elite levels. 

Members of Women's Rights Network Australia conducted research into sporting rules, constructed a purpose-built campaign website, handed out leaflets outside FIFA Women's World Cup games, and commissioned 2 electronic billboards to raise awareness of the issues. 

Melbourne Billboard #1.jpeg
25 August 2023

Asking Julia Gillard: What is a Woman?

Our South Australian members organised to attend a forum where our first female Prime Minister, The Honorable Julia Gillard, would be speaking about the advancement of women. They prepared carefully, and managed to ask Ms Gillard two devastating questions.

"What is a woman?" and does Ms Gillard regret her 2013 amendment to the Sex Discrimination Act that removed biological definitions of sex? 

Ms Gillard's responses were picked up by several news agencies such as The AustralianSpiked OnlineDaily Mail Panahi on Sky

"Julia Gillard" was trending on twitter for several days. Women's Rights Network Australia was even mentioned in the Senate!

August-December 2023

Brazen Hussies Social Events

Members are invited to hold private social events focused on the Australian feminist documentary film Brazen Hussies as a social event. These are not-for-profit, private events designed to bring women together and promote an interest in the history of women's organising in Australia. 

BH Invite (1).png
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