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New Australian Podcast: Desexing Society

Desexing Society is the first podcast to critically examine the youth gender dysphoria epidemic in Australia
Over the last decade, hundreds of thousands of young people around the world have started identifying as transgender. Healthcare professionals working with gender dysphoric children and adolescents have adopted a controversial treatment model known as “gender affirming care.” It involves agreeing with the patient that they’re meant to be the opposite sex. Medical interventions attempting to change a child’s sex begin at the onset of puberty, which for girls can be as early as 9 years old. Can doctors really predict which children are going to be transsexual in adulthood?

Women's Rights Network Australia highly recommends this 8-episode series about gender medicine, schools and the origins of gender ideology in Australia.

It is essential listening.

The series has been designed to appeal to a wide audience and is suitable to share with friends, family and colleagues who haven't "been down the rabbit hole" yet.

The episodes sensitively cover the gamut of topics about gender medicine, explaining how affirmation-only therapy "escaped the lab" and was mainstreamed in healthcare and culture, and the problems this caused.

Episode 1 - Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

Episode 2 - The Dutch Protocol

Episode 3 - Lifesaving Healthcare

Episode 4 - Safe Schools

Episode 5 - Unsafe Schools

Episode 6 - Autogneyphilia

Episode 7 - Detransition

Episode 8 - What Next?

Check out the trailer below and find where you can stream it now at Desexing

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