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Rally for Women's Rights in Martin Place

Today, members of Women's Rights Network Australia, LGB Alliance Australia and Fair Game AU allied in Martin Place to raise awareness about sex self-ID in NSW.

Across the street, politicians were meeting in NSW Parliament to discuss the so-called 'Equality Bill'. Our message to politicians is clear: Women's sex-based rights are not yours to give away.

We engaged members of the public with leaflets, conversations and speeches.

The people of NSW do not want men in women's changing rooms, sports, prisons, clubs, gyms, hospital services and other intimate spaces.

Passers-by were receptive to our messages. Many people stopped to chat and understand more about the issues.

Very few people are aware of the issues raised by the Equality Bill. Most are shocked when they hear that men will be allowed to change legal sex with an administrative process.

One trans-activist tries to disrupt our gathering, but he quickly left when he saw that we weren't flustered by his presence.

The Equality Bill has been brought into parliament by stealth. There has been no public consultation, no referendum to gauge whether the public want to remove biological sex from law.

Alex Greenwich MP has been unable to gain support in parliament for his bill, which has now been referred to a committee instead of being voted on the 14th March as anticipated.

Now is the time to call your MP and let them know they will lose your vote if they continue to support sex self-ID.

Courage calls to courage, and it has a voice that cannot be denied!

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