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Speak-Out Against the NSW 'Equality Bill'

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Sarah attended our recent speak-out event against the so-called 'Equality Bill' on 21 November 2023 in Martin Place. She recalls what it was like was there on the day.

We were approximately 16 from WRNA and about 25 in total.

The atmosphere was wonderful - at first a mixture of trepidation around any TRA presence, but also exhilaration to be doing our inaugural Speak Out and as part of a well-organised campaign around Sex Self-ID.

Everyone made an effort to bring signs, help set up the speaking area and got into it with passion, and with the determination that has built up in all of us to stop Sex Self-ID in NSW and call attention to the many dangerous aspects of gender ideology that are ripping through the fabric of society and how we live as women.

We had an MP and his staffer present for around half the speeches and he they were very complimentary about the speakers and our group.

Passersby stopped to listen to some of the speeches, have a conversation with our members and took leaflets. Almost all were in agreement with our concerns (some had previous knowledge and awareness, but many didn’t).

One young trans person and their partner stopped to talk and had a respectful conversation. Only one person walked past and said anything negative (“I stand for trans rights”).

The absurdity of what the Sex Self-ID Bill will change for women and girls is so acute that at first members of the public can’t quite believe it is real.

Speeches were articulate and heartfelt and I think we all felt very proud to be part of the event.

Viviane Morrigan from CoAL read her speech "This is What a Lesbian Looks Like"

We finished off at the pub for a well-earned drink and to exchange a few stories and reflections. There was a lovely atmosphere of solidarity and talk of where and when the next one will be!


Susan was also there and recalls the day:

Twenty plus women gathered in Martin Place on the 21st of November for WRNA'S first public speak-out.

Women spoke out against the erasure of our biology in law and policy, the neutralising of our language, and the attack on our sex-based rights. We attracted interest from several passersby and found genuine concern, and of course confusion about why NSW Labor would be pushing a new law to remove safety for women in several areas including seeming to encourage more prostitution.

While the so called 'Equality bill' is off the table in NSW for now, we know it's a matter of time before it's tabled again to introduce gender self-ID which will result in more men in women's spaces and sports. We're looking to speak out more loudly and more often in 2024. We invite other supporters - men and women - to add your voices!

Gender ideology is harmful to women, gay people and children. We reject it in NSW.


We will be uploading more pictures and videos as they become available.

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